All our staff ride weekdays and weekends. For more information you’re welcome to contact Ali or Justin.

If you’ve a road bike and are comfortable in cleats you’re more than welcome to join our friendly rides. It may be 6am, but theres still a reason to smile. Unfortunately, no TT Bars please.

Monday 6am is our Recovery Day. After a heavy weekend there’s nothing like a nice spin at a steady pace. Good for turning the legs and having a chat, this ride covers gentle flat terrain. We stop for coffee at 7:15amchainsmith-sydney-free-bike-shop-rides


Tuesday 6am We offer two Hill Ride; steady and fast. Staying local, both groups take on Bondi but from different directions. We meet again for coffee between 7:20 – 7:30.

Wednesday 6:30pm Evening Centennial Park Ride. This the perfect ride if you’re starting a bunch riding adventure, need a spin, want to meet some friendly social people, just bought your bike, have been injured, or simply need a good reason to get on your bike again. Easy pace from 6:30pm at the Cnr of Park and Grande Drive. Or join us doing laps.

Thursday 6am The bunch takes on a Fast paced ride. Be prepared that this is a drop ride. You are welcome to judge how you will fair by joining Tuesday Hills.

The Weekend is flexible and we consider routes as the week goes by. In general we travel North side for hills on Saturday, and on Sunday we head for a longer meander through a variety of National Parks. There is usually a fast or steady pace available for Sundays.

  • Please contact us if you would like to join our rides.
  • Please read guidelines below before joining
  • Contact us with any questions ph. (02) 80682859 e.
I acknowledge that the Cycling Activities, Rides and Events are inherently dangerous and may involve risk. I recognise and understand that there are risks specifically associated with Cycling Activities, Rides and Events which include, but are not limited to, collisions and contact with other participants and other road users such as motor vehicles, riding on roads which are or may have traffic on them, the remoteness of the areas in which a ride takes place, sudden and unexpected changes in weather, physical exertion and difficulties in evacuation if I become disabled. I acknowledge that accidents can and often do happen which may result in me being injured or even killed, or my property being damaged. Prior to undertaking any Chainsmith Cycling Activities, Rides or Events, I acknowledge that I am aware of all of the risks involved, including those risks associated with any health condition I may have. Chainsmith PTY LTD and its Ride Guides and event Coordinators will take all reasonable steps to protect your safety and well being but will not be held liable for events, accidents or damage either to yourself or any other persons or equipment caused during any and all rides and events conducted by Chainsmith PTY LTD or its coordinators. Furthermore I will follow all applicable road rules and utilise accessories according to the law. It is strongly recommended that all Chainsmith Bike Shop and riders seek out and purchase sufficient personal insurance from an authorised reputable insurance company or join another entity or club, which would provide sufficient personal insurance in the event of an accident to a person’s body and/or equipment.