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Making bikes for over 110 years, Italian brand Wilier is one of the original Italian bike companies. Wilier has had its historic turmoils, but was regenerated to become leaders of frame building innovations by current owners, the Gastaldello family.

We've been fortunate over the years to meet with the Gastaldello's, to understand their passion and the motivation behind their innovation in technology and their desire to provide the consumer the best possible performance frames.

The Wilier Cento10Air is an exemplary model of possibility.

While we've offered here the frameset and seatpost only, Wilier have produced bars and stem that bring the Wilier to the next level. Unless choosing an alternative Company bar and stem in the build, two options designed by Wilier are available to suit the aesthetics and performance of the frameset.

Alabarda is the name of Wilier's integrated bar and stem, hiding the cables internal and allowing the most aero of designs. Adding to the appeal of clean lines the build with an alabarda never fails to impress those with an eye for style. This is reinforced by the tear shaped spacers that organically link as an alternative to bolts protruding. 

The second option is the Barra and Stemma, designed to retain the streamlined aero tubing. This option offers a management in future alterations of stem length and bar width.

Alongside the aero bars, the frame’s tubes have NACA truncated aerofoil profiles, with rounded front-facing sections and sharply flattened training edges. Wilier has used computational fluid dynamics simulation to optimise the airflow over the frame.

It’s also set the seatstays some way down the seat tube. They've a flat section where the two meet to reduce interference between them and the seat tube. The rear wheel sits close to the seat tube to reduce turbulence at this junction too.

A custom Ritchey carbon seatpost is included in the frameset package. This seatpost continues the truncated aerofoil design and is held in position by a recessed bolt in the top tube.

The fork legs too have an aero profile. Using direct-mount brakes front and rear means that they and the seatstays can be positioned at a greater distance apart and Wilier says that this limits aerodynamic interference with the wheels. There’s a metal plate bridging between the rear brake mounts to improve braking by limiting the amount of lateral flex in the seatstays when the brakes are applied.
 Wew've weighted the Cento10Air below 1kg at 990g.

The Cento10 Air is stiff enough around its chainstays and rear section to climb well with a feel of good power transfer. Going down the other side, its aero features come into their own, with a fast stable ride.

The result is a fast bike, a reactive bike, moving you forward at the stroke of a pedal. Climbing is a pleasure when the frame is this stiff. Its sure on the downhills and carves corners like Italian bikes are renowned for.

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