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Vendor: Q36.5

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Feel the chill of Winter creeping in? Don't look for excuses, the cold is not reason to stay inside. Put a bonnet on it...

Q36.5's curiously named headgear isn't as mysterious as it might first appear. Basically this is a classic cycling skull cap, thin enough to wear under your cycle helmet in colder weather.

It's amazing the difference an extra layer of insulation can make (most helmets are designed to maximise airflow, after all - which isn't so handy when the temperatures drop).

This being Q36.5 they've put a lot of thought and effort into creating an ergonomic shape. Rather than a simple dome, the bonnet is cleverly contoured to fit snugly without discomfort, and has a good amount of built-in stretchiness too.

It's cut longer at the back, to provide a bit of extra protection for your ears and the back of your neck. The front is free from seams, to avoid those annoying indentations, and the rear has a flash of Q36.5's trademark neon green for added visibility.

Materials: 60% Polyamide / 23% Polyester / 17% Elastane

Weight: 23 g




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