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Designed with a polyamide-polyester fleece and asymmetrical pattern for performance efficiency

Pre-shape Arm Warmer : Unisex

"We recommend the Q36.5 Arm Warmer. Not only does it provide the perfect amount of warmth for an Australian Winter, the upper arm grip does not grab or mark your arms like other warmers. The comfort is extreme."

The Chainsmith Team.

Pre-shape design knee warmer constructed entirely from a ribbed polyester polyamide fleece material. The fabric has excellent thermal characteristics and is extremely soft and flexible for comfort. It has been constructed with polyester on the inner side for the best wicking of moisture and polyamide on the outer side for a more dense and robust surface.

When the rider first wears the knee warmer he or she will notice that the upper end of the tube has been cut along a diagonal axis, finishing higher on the outer side of the thigh and lower on the inner side. This "pre shaping" avoids creating a tourniquet effect on the muscle group and allows for the best circulation. The pre-shaping also offers a more complete thermal protection to the outer, most-exposed, part of the thigh.

Fit is extremely ergonomic thanks to the multi-paneled ‘pre-shape’ cut. Both bottom and top ends of the knee warmer are finished without silicone grippers, employing, in their place, the same treated polyamide-elastane gripper used in the Salopette L1 Essential.

60% Polyamide
23% Polyester
17% Elastane

78 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 15°C

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