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Q36.5 Cycling Jersey long sleeve Hybrid Que X Light Blue

The Q36.5 Hybrid Que is a 3 season jersey second to none. With Q36.5's classic colour range, its technological design and use of high performance fabrics.

An Essential and iconic product of Q36.5’s Equipment line, this 3-season long sleeve jersey falls into the category of ‘Wind Control’. It is produced using the proprietary technology of the UF Hybrid Shell, a super high-density woven proprietary fabric augmented with a smart fibre (on the inside face) for even more warmth.

This special Heat fibre is produced from the residue of coffee bean processing. The fibre attracts far-infrared rays from the environment and uses them to heat the body. Our measurements show an increase of 1 grade Celsius in comparison to our previous version.

Thanks to fabric blends, placement and cut, we can reduce heat loss in order to maintain a more stabile body temperature: we call it “Anti-Condensation Development”.

This process boasts a high absorption/emission rate of moisture before it has time to change into sweat due to condensation. This process minimises the dangerous heat loss that condensation can cause in sub-zero and cold training conditions. The body generates natural heat during physical activity, creating a microclimate. The objective is to to keep this microclimate stable and use it, increasing the exchange of vapour before it turns into sweat.

While the UF Hybrid Shell and UF Hybrid Shell Light are employed in the core heat zones and the areas most affected by wind chill (chest, upper back, upper arms), the fast drying UFL1 Silver fabric is employed on the back and the underside of the forearms.

A new collar construction, with zero pressure and a hermetic seal has been devised using 2 different cuts. The objective is to have a collar that follows the line of the body perfectly and ergonomically when in the riding position. The result is zero pressure and a hermetical closure on the collar that creates a barrier to the cold wind.

The Hybrid Que X features the Q36.5 proprietary invisible pocket system as well as an extra upper forearm pocket.

Hermetic collar 2.0
Laser raw cut sleeves
Body mapping 2.0
Cam-lock reflective zipper
20% more reflective inserts

63% Polyamide
36% Elastane
1% Carbon fibre (PAC)

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = 8 c

Wind control


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