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Who its not for : If safety isn't a priority this is not a helmet for you. If you're unconcerned by rising temperatures during summer you can likely look elsewhere. If you shy at the cost of investing in safety of your head during an accident, KASK may not be a brand for you.

Who it is for : If you want assurance you're doing the best to retain your single best asset (the place your thinking is done), keep cool on the hottest of days and look good, we recommend the KASK Valegro. This model by KASK is perfect for riders wanting a lightweight advantage and demand comfort as much as performance.

What it does : The ventilation has been increased and now allows maximum heat loss on tough summer days. At the same time as being light, the Valegra provides MIT safety protection to reduce the likelihood of injury in the event of an accident. The fit will extend to all head shapes, with a ratchet to tighten or loosen while riding, and a bracket to allow the helmet to tilt and sit at the appropriate forehead level. The leather strap is soft and durable, while the rear ratchet allows women with hair the option to secure their hair at a comfortable level.

The Technical Details :

The MIT Technology, applied to all KASK cycling helmets, guarantees a higher
safety and a complete protection thanks to the polycarbonate layer that covers the shell on the top, on the base ring and on the back. The innovative “in moulding” technology, joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one, ensures a better shock absorption.

The profile of VALEGRO's polycarbonate shell has been tested and refined by KASK’s engineers in conjunction with a wind-tunnel to get the best results in terms of thermo-cooling performance. The VALEGRO offers advanced ventilation and an impressive weight of just 180g (size small).

This new design offers maximum cooling through 37 ventilation holes with new breathable and quick-dry padding. The 5mm layer of fast-wicking thermoformed tri-dimensional padding is antistatic, bacteriostatic, heat regulating and moisture transferring using Resistex Carbon. Alongside this cutting edge technology, the chin pad with eco-leather strap contributes to a helmet that’s comfortable to wear, all day.

What Chainsmith loves :

  • Maximum airflow
  • Lightweight
  • Good looking design
  • Matt range available
  • Comfortable chin strap
  • Replaceable Padding

Sizing :

The choice of helmet must be based on its technical and performance characteristics, combined with comfort and design.

Tips for choosing a helmet:
1. The first thing to do is to wear the helmet for a few minutes, to see if it fits well or if it causes pain in any particular place.
2. Once it has been put on, simulate movement to test its comfort.
3. The helmet, once secured, must be comfortable, but it should not move.
4. When fastened the strap and buckle must not prevent movement of the neck.
5. Always check safety and comfort and choose the model you like best.

The size of the KASK helmets corresponds to the circumference of your head. You can use a tape measure positioning it just above the ears, and taking note of the measurement in centimetres.

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