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For Flat Bar Hybrid Bike Owners ...

  • Gears feeling a bit "out" or "slow"?
  • Do your brakes squeal, or take a while to stop?
  • Tyres feel flat or wobbly?
  • Nuts are loose?
  • Is your chain squeaky, or rusted?
  • Do you feel its been 6 to 8 months since your last service?
  • Is your headset feeling a bit loose?
  • Does your bike simply need a check up before a commute or even a race?

Any of these symptoms likely mean your once trusty Commuter ride is in need of a General Service.

Why choose Chainsmith? Our staff pride themselves on servicing bikes. We service your bikes like they were our own. That means we know its likely you take your bike through the same streets we do - with all our pot-holes and debris. Or perhaps you're simply a responsible owner maintaining the perfection of your hybrid bike.

Whatever your motivation, we understand its imperative your bike is reliable, dependable. You need the gears to click in nicely, and for the chain to glide over that cassette, and brakes that pander to your touch.

Eliminate noises that torment you and your friends and give your bike the treatment it deserves. Gears, brakes, truing of wheels, as well as the wipe down will have you feeling the difference on your next ride.

Did we also forget to add that you get 3 basic installations complementary. This can include any from the list below:

  • brake pad
  • cable (inner or outer)
  • tube
  • tyre
  • pedal
  • stem
  • chain
  • handgrip
  • barends

 *please note that additional installations and parts are extra, and we're happy to provide a quote when seeing the bike.

If unsure, feel free to let us look at the bike or absolutely call us as we're always happy to provide over the phone assistance.

**When you contact us to book an appointment, together we choose a day you can conveniently drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening. Alternatively you can drop the bike off the night before. We work on a quick  turnover principle, this is deliberately efficient. In return we appreciate customers picking up on time.


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