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We're extremely fortunate to annually test latest models and news of upcoming innovations by our favoured Italian Brands and Artisans.

One such Company we're proud to associate with is the 110+yrs Wilier Triestina.

Chainsmith has a selection of Wilier Triestina in store, as well as frames ready to order.  The Wilier collection includes ready to ride complete bicycles, or you can choose to custom-build or custom-colour. Please contact us with any enquiries.



Complete Carbon Frame - SRAM Rival Mech Disc, Shimano RX37 Wheelset, Ritchie Components, Selle Italia Saddle


The Jena is stated by Wilier-Triestina as a multiple use bike with “racing-comfort geometries.

What does this mean?

Recently we got our local athlete Ben Blackshaw to test and review the Jena. And you can read his experience of the newest Wilier gravel bike.




To cut to the chase, the Jena is lightweight, responsive and extremely easy to handle.


Wilier haven't excused comfort by compromising its performance. The Jena is equipped with a special oblique tube, with a truncated tail shape (typical of the more aerodynamic design by Wilier)


Of course the aero design means greater speed.


But the comfort and security of grounded corners and descents even through sand or during encounters with rocky gravel are assured.The elongated top tube and carbon layout thoughtfully predict some rough serious terrain and deal with harsh riding wherever you are.


This is a frame that will dullen stunted corrugated chatter, and allow comfortable hours spent on the bike.


For Wilier's specs, read on ...


"Jena is available only with flat mount disc brake. The standard installed rotor has a 160 mm diameter. The wheel through pins have a 12mm diameter, 100mm long on the front fork and 142mm on the rear one.


The derailleur support can be removed in case of single ring group, which is a transmission widely used by gravel enthusiasts. In any moment, you can choose a solution with double or single crankset, without compromising on the bike look."


For more information and availablitlity of the Wilier Triestina Jena, please contact us! *Please note, accessories such as pedals, bottle cages and garmin mount are not included

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