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Needing the perfect wallet to protect and hold your valuables while riding?

Italian brand SILCA is proudly sold at Chainsmith and they've the best designed ecological wallets to fit any phone.

Designing this wallet, Silca wanted to create a simple stylish limited-edition storage solution for every day riding essentials. They succeeded when partnering with Colorado-based Ecologic Designs.

Constructed of upcycled bicycle inner-tubes and upcycled wetsuit neoprene, the Borsa Americano is designed by SILCA and sewn by EcoLogic featuring four internal pockets of various sizes to give you plenty of storage options.

The main compartment is designed exactly to the dimensions of an iPhone 7+ with case as well as a SAMSUNG Galaxy Notebook 8.

For the rest of the bag, you can add what you need as its less structured than other SILCA bags, and that allows a bit more freedom as to what you can pack. The large inner side pocket is perfect for storing cash or credit cards, while other pockets can hold everything from your house key to patch kit.


Best Features:

  • Nylon colored interior liners
  • Upcycled bicycle inner tubes and wetsuit neoprene
  • Nylon teeth and Zinc zipper
  • Weather resistant exterior
  • Dimensions: 17.5cm L x 9cm W x 2cm T empty (Dimensions will change when packed)
  • Weight: 160 grams

* Wallet only .... Contents not included

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