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Are you ready to take the next step in your training, or perhaps you need a motivator? Then this reliable, simple-to-set-up Power Meter is for you.

BePro Pedals Power Meter

The key to success lies in measuring and monitoring your performance, constantly. That's why using a professional power meter for cycling is a must.
With bePRO you can measure your power exactly where force is applied: on the pedals. The installation of bePRO directly on the crank arms allows for much more accurate, reliable, and complete data collection compared to other power meters for road bikes.

Installing a cycling power meter such as bePRO on the cranks of your racing bicycle will give you an objective assessment of your power output on the pedals, that does not rely on environmental and psychophysical factors. This enables you to plan targeted strengthening exercises based on your exact power output, which can be monitored in its long-term progress.


bePRO is available in two models: with a power sensor installed on both pedals (bePRO) or only on the left pedal (bePRO S).

The Favero BePro DUO is a dual-sided power meter pedal set that uses breakthrough technology to make your training more effective than ever before. The DUO measures power from both the left and the right leg.

  1. Do get the BePro Pedals if you want to get hard facts, not estimates, and make the most of each pedal stroke.
  2. Do get the BePro Pedals if you want a reliable, waterproof, easy to install power meter
  3. Do get if you require a precise motivational tool for your training that you can exchange on any of your road bikes

The BePro DUO measures:

  • Power (watts) – measures hundreds of times per second and continuously transmits the data to your bike computer or smartphone via Bluetooth and ANT+. The Assioma power sensors are placed on the pedals exactly where your force goes, to provide you with unprecedented detail and precise data.
  • Left/Right Balance (%) – indicates the power individually generated by the left leg and the right leg. This value allows you to monitor your dominant/non-dominant leg ratio, which can help to correct penalising imbalances, or help with rehabilitation programs.
  • Cadence (rpm) – constantly detects and transmits the number of revolutions made by the pedal in one minute. You don’t need an additional cadence sensor with the Assioma.
  • Torque Efficiency (%) – indicates how much of the power generated during one pedal stroke contributed to your propulsion. Typically measuring between 60-100%, 100% Torque Effectiveness occurs when no Negative Power has been accumulated during a pedal stroke. Assioma DUO indicates the Torque Effectiveness value for both legs.
  • Pedal smoothness (%) – indicates how evenly distributed the power is in a full revolution of a pedal stroke. 100% PS means that the power is delivered constantly throughout the revolution. Assioma DUO indicates the PS value of both legs.



  • Total power in watts
  • left/right power balance (%)
  • cadence (rpm)
  • normalized power
  • NPpower/weight ratio (W/kg)
  • torque efficiency TE (%)
  • pedal smoothness PS (%)
  • energy consumption (kJ)
  • TSS - Training Stress Score
  • IF - Intensity Factor
  • power zone (Z1 to Z7)
  • power %FTP



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