Commuter Bikes

The commuter plays an important part in the operations of industry. Bikes are growing in number, and reliable transport is integral for our clients. You are provided lifetime warranty on all Orbea Frames as testament to their robust dependability. Chosen for their comfort and ease of riding, we've options for those wanting to ride to the corner shops once a week, or the daily traveller who commutes across town and necessarily over various terrain.

When you buy an Orbea commuter from Chainsmith, you are getting a high quality, cost effective, reliable bike.


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Duane Johnson

Dedacciai Scuro

"I was looking for a bike that had performance, comfort and something that not everyone else has. The best part of going through Chainsmith and building a custom bike was building it and picking the parts.

Each bike I have purchased from Chainsmith has exceeded my expectations. I now have 4 Dedacciai in the house and each one of them is just awesome.
Speaking to everyone at Chainsmith and the advice you each have given over the time I have known you has been amazing. The fact that you each ride and are so passionate about each detail is first class. You are not trying to just gain a sale but are focussed on what each person needs and wants. It also goes without saying the mechanical advice and service both David and Ben provide is first class.

Buying a new bike always makes you want to ride more and when you have quality bikes and make adjustments as I like too it is always a pleasure and exciting to throw the leg over."

Peter Jukic

Basso Diamante

"I wanted a bike that could provide a comfortable ride, that was stiff and I could race on, if I wanted to. I was also after something that was different, that no one had or really knew of.

I placed a lot of trust in the team at Chainsmith in helping me choose the right model. There's no way I would spend the money I have without complete trust in the team there.

On my Basso Diamante I am riding better than ever. When you have a bike like this you gain so much more confidence when cornering because of the stiffness as well as the ability to build and maintain top-end speed.

There's nothing more satisfying than riding a bike you think is way too good for you and then realising that as you improve and get stronger, you can make the bike work for you and not against you. "

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Other Bike Options

Custom Frame, Custom Built

A made to measure bike will accommodate every individual nuance by starting with a personalised frame geometry, determined by your experience, physical attributes, and future goals.

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Factory Frame, Custom Built

Our custom builds are completed by the finest mechanics who pride themselves on their knowledge, mechanical skills, but also their passion for cycling and its innovations.

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Factory Complete Road Bike

Our complete premium factory road bikes are thoroughly checked by our mechanics and you are offered a complementary bike fit at the point of pick up

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