Casati Bikes

When it comes to the best hand-made bicycles of Italy, Casati is amongst the masters.

The aesthetic details of Casati frames are known to exhibit some of the finest workmanship in custom bike frame making. This is shared amongst the entire range, from the Vintage steel Campioissimo with its intricate lugs to the carbon race frame with integrated cabling and tube to tube aerodynamically shapes.

Cicli Casati was founded in 1920 by Pietro Casati, the winner of the 1913 Tour of Lombardy. Owners Luca and Massimo Casati are 3rd generational builders experienced in race frame geometry and customisation.

Each frame is 100% made within the Casati Monza workshop by the Casati brothers, Massimo and Luca. Today Luca and Massimo build frames with traditional respect for process and precision so that each frame is built for purpose and built to last. When it comes to ride performance of their custom frames, Casati brothers have a propensity for perfection that's rarely matched.

With a studio dedicated to fit, their ability to create geometry according to a rider's anthropometric measurements and ride history is superior. Whether the frame is handmade from steel or carbon, the ride feel will reflect with exactness the expectations of its owner.

Frame Materials

Steel, Stainless Steel or Carbon


  • Progetto (Carbon)
  • Aliena (Carbon)
  • Dardo (Carbon)
  • Marte (Carbon)
  • Zero (Carbon)
  • Casati Cento (Steel)
  • Espresso (Steel)
  • Columbus Cento (Steel)
  • Gravel (Steel)
  • Campionissimo (Vintage Steel)

Chainsmith Verdict

A rider demanding high performance gains from a customised bike will be satisfied by what Casati has to offer. Their range is influenced by generational racing experience, matched with superior technical skill and strong focus on perfect bike fit. When it comes to gaining the edge over competitors, a Casati is the pinnacle of custom excellence.

Are you interested in getting a custom built Casati bike? Find out more here about how we work with our clients to build a bike made to measure, hand crafted to accommodate your physical and cycling goals, designed with your ride experience in mind. Or contact us here.

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