One of the newest builders of custom carbon bikes, Alcheni is a rebirth of the Werking brand. Led by carbon master Andrea Sega, these frames are for riders with racing ambition who also seek endurance performance.

With a studio situated in what is known as the “Little Dolomites”, the home of Alcheni is renowned for high altitude climbs, sweeping deep descents and numerous switchbacks. Alcheni bikes are hence built for variable terrain and responsive handling.

The customisable frames will suit every rider. They are designed to respond to both individual physical measurements and rider style.

Andrea Sega was trained by Gianni Pegoretti from DeAnimina, hence his penchant for new innovative thinking in construction and engineering contemporary frames. 

Over the years, Sega’s ouvre, built by consistent employment of carbon, pushed his practice into producing other popular cycling components. Sega’s carbon range of accessories by sister brand “Alpitude Components” has assumed huge popularity world wide.

The years of testing and using carbon in a variety of products such as cages, mounts and chain catchers, has had a marked impact on Sega’s frame building practice.

Sega’s carbon layup design and technique exactly cater for a rider who desires exactness in compliance, stiffness and precise comfort where needed.

Frame Materials: 





Chainsmith Verdict

Alcheni will answer to anyone wanting to gain a beautiful performance frame with benefits of new technology, materials and techniques.

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