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Here's the answer to your circulation issues. 

Feeling the chill but need a light layer to retain warmth and lightness on the bike? 

Want to hear all the scientific engineering garb detailing why this is the softest of base layers to keep you warm this winter? Well, before we get into that, lets just announce now that this base layer is going to be your Winter best friend. It'll go to work under your collar shirts, be worn beneath dresses at the conference, be taken travelling, and then you'll pop it on in the ccoling months when a gruelling bike ride requires it. In essence, the Q36.5 Intimo will be with you on and off the bike.

Because thats how comfortable, lightweight and flexible this layer is.

Are you a woman? Don't worry we've got you covered because that slinky soft warm feel isn't only for the boys to enjoy. This base layer stretches in all the right places and, as attested by Ali, is sure to keep both men and women comfortably toastie on your cold rides.

We even added the Q36.5 Womens Base layer to our range, which offers a more constructed garment here

So.. here's the garb expressed by the most technically advanced of cycling kit developers to date, Q36.5 ...

"With the Intimo project Q36.5 expands its range and returns to more ‘traditional’ seamless constructions techniques (TR1 and TR2 machines, flatlock seams), inspired by the technical possibilities discovered in experimentation with a new micro- lament and the ‘scarto d’ago’ technique. The result is an uncommonly thick and plush cotton-feeling baselayer which nevertheless tips the scales at an ultralight 76g.

The difference, as with all minimalist performance wear, is in the expert calibration of functional details: in this case double face knitting with polypropylene inner face and polyamide- polypropylene outer face.

60% Polypropylene
30% Polyamide
10% Elastane

76 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 15°C

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