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Looking for excellent value and longevity in a comfortable bib short?

Q36.5 Salopette Miles Gregarius

Thoroughly Italian, Q36.5 have produced a best-quality, high value essential for riders who like their equipment simple and effective.

The Salopette Miles Gregarius represents Q36.5’s re-construction of the ‘traditional’ modern bib short feeling – after several years of research into the extremes of the future, with the L1 and Vented models.

While the Gregarius is designed for riders who are more comfortable in a traditional feeling bib short, it is in no way ‘normal’, integrating as it does a great deal of the innovations from the L1 and Vented models.

The Gregarius employs the same FUSION chamois that sits alone in the industry found on the Vented short; the same proprietary tubular brace construction but with a slightly modified combination of mesh and high density polyamide rather than 100% polyamide, and the Vectorial Elasticity provided by the lumbar support panel which is made from identical fabric to all other Q36.5 bib shorts and tights.

The most significant change regards the return to the use of a knitted fabric (the L1 and Vented are the only bib shorts in the world to exclusively use high-density woven fabrics in their construction), in this case a low volume flat knit fabric with robust surface and extremely fast drying times.

The end result is a combination of the groundbreaking technologies and material applications found in Q36.5 flagship models the L1 and Vented, but with softer knitted fabrics and silicon leg grippers (which themselves are, in this man's opinon, still significantly more comfortable than any he has previously used).

The proprietary fabrics used in Q36.5 clothing function optimally when the fit is snug against the body and it is an inherent design element of the brand. This closeness and pre-shape cut lends the ergogenic qualities that enable the fabrics to better support and stabilise the body, but this closeness is never at the expense of comfort and there is a notable freedom of movement when adopting the riding position.

The Q36.5 Gregarius Men's Bib Short is best suited to riders who prefer a familiar, traditional, bib short model but are uninterested in the decadent extras or ‘fashion- fee’ that other high end brands constrain their customers to pay for, together with a comfortable, good quality, no-nonsense bib short - which in reality is all they actually want.

63% Polyamide 6.6
36% Elastane
1% Carbon Fibre (PAC)

188 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 18°C

Made in Italy

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