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Looking for a lightweight, seam free supportive and breathable glove for summer?

For years cyclists have complained about tingling, soreness and overheating while holding the handlebars. This kind of discomfort leads to reduced focus and performance for the rider.

So, Q36.5 and Elastic Interface® stepped up to the challenge. We listened to feedback from athletes, intensely studied the anatomy and heat generation of the hand and consequently conceived a completely new solution, applying our renowned know-how to perfect another interface of the body with the bike.

Of course, proper sizing and bikefit are not to be ignored, but when problems persist its time to get inventive ... which is exactly what Q36.5 aspires to.

Anatomic Shaping

The UNIQUE Glove’s structure is skillfully engineered with different zones of support using high-density perforated foam to maximize comfort.

In this way, the padding improves blood flow and thus protects from problem hands, such as tingling.

Thanks to the multi-directional curvature and hand-mapping construction, the Palm has different zones of support using high-density perforated foam to maximize comfort.

The centre of the Palm is laser perforated to increase breathability. The upper part of the glove is made with a perforated knitted fabric for better ventilation and improved thermoregulation: thread and weave construction creates a mechanical push-pull to remove the sweat and works perfectly as a cooler.

For enhanced performance and ultimate riding comfort.

A minimalist, essential cycling glove both lightweight and perfectly comfortable to wear on even the longest of rides.


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