Its Winter : Why on earth buy a bike?

Its Winter : Why on earth buy a bike?

Here in Australia its cold outside and you'll gladly escape the chill by jumping on a heated bus. But all too soon you're crammed against a stranger who fills your nostrils with the stench of old cigarettes. You're wondering if you'll catch a cold and, if its not ignited by the breath of your new friend "Ashtray", you'll likely catch it touching a hand rail.

To back up your worries intermittent chesty coughs and sniffling echo down the isle.

Its a long hour to work.

Outside you glimpse well wrapped cyclists. While you're stopped in traffic they're weaving onward. Likely they'll beat you to your destination. Their lycra leaves nothing to the imagination. Visibly fit bodies push out of the saddle like pro's sprinting for a finish. They're on stand by when the light is red, alert and ready to jump.

Meanwhile you're thinking about the useless meetings you'll endure for the next hours and wondering how you didn't get time to prepare for that presentation. Still watching the cyclists' you notice how healthy they look no matter their age. Of course its to be expected that there's the fit 30 year olds, but even the slightly weather worn 40's and more portly bellied boys are giving time itself a run for its money. Its amazing how agile they look, and those lean calves testify cycling is part of their lives.

Little do you know but they've been up at sparrows hour. Already ridden 30km with a bunch of friends, they've stopped for a half hour coffee and had some laughs. Someone shouts another round and they're all hooting "thanks!" There's a rider they saw who they laugh about - he was wearing short sleeves in the freezing park. Then they chatted about a member who's in Europe riding some majestic mountain in the midst of an Italian summer. They share his instagram where he shares posts of cycling icons and Prosecco.

The cyclists talked of a planned getaway to Adelaide Hills during the TDU next year... There's a bunch of 8 sharing the same massive house on the beachfront and they cant wait to beat their times up those savage hills. There'll be plenty of training to enjoy before January, and they've planned some days together to cycle right through Christmas.

And how will you spend early next year?

No doubt you'll have returned to work which every year may seem less and less important. Perhaps like other years you'll be paying off Christmas presents or parties, but wishing you could escape this all and have a real holiday. Maybe you'll be thinking this is the year, I really should take control of this waistline and get a gym membership.

The bus suddenly lurches forward and the brakes jam hard. You stop yourself from falling and grip on to the flu infested hand rest of the public bus.

Meanwhile the cyclist, who already arrived at work, is invigorated. She's entertained herself with friends, achieved some personal challenges by getting to work at a ripper time, she's already squeezed in a shower and about to have a coffee before starting her work day. A colleague passes by and they stop and smile, comparing their rides that morning.

Ah, cycling. If you don't do it, you're quite right. You are missing out. And if you're not sure how to get started, get in touch. Call us, email us, come by the shop. We are again and again thanked by clients and friends who recall how we assisted by getting them on the bike.

Importantly, while we can find you the right bike we can also back up the support by teaching how to use gears and cleats, offering complementary "learn to bunch ride" lessons, then continue with our shop rides and a calendar of annual events.

So you find yourself hesitating please remember, There's no bad reason to cycle, only bad reasons to not cycle.


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