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Chainsmith is a boutique bike shop that selects brands for quality, aesthetic and reliability

We offer complete Road Bikes for beginners, through to high performance custom frames in Steel, carbon and Titanium.

Chainsmith also sells dependable Commuter Bikes perfect for getting about Sydney’s many hills.

Here’s a list of our brands …


Werking italian custom frame in australiawerking Italian Custom Carbon Bike Frame Australia sydney

WERKING Custom Carbon Frames from Italy.

Each year Chainsmith Team visit Italian Manufacturers, test product and initiate new relations with innovative Artisans. In 2017 we confidently chose to represent the Werking brand designed, made by hand and painted purely in Italy. Customised frames ride like no other and we are incredibly pleased to be the first to introduce Carbon Werking Frames to Australia. We’ve a demo Model S in-store demonstrating the most typical traits of Italian Frame-building. Built with Campagnolo Record and Ursus Components and Wheelset, this frame excels over the mountainous terrain in which it was made.



Italian Frame Builder Chesini is warmly welcomed to Chainsmith. Available in custom Steel, Carbon or Titanium with paint work designed to your fancy.

The stunning Chesini Bike Shop is the oldest in Verona, Italy. Custom frame building requires an intimate relationship between bike and client. We assist in every step along
the way including initial matching of bike model and components to both your riding goals and physique. After gathering measurements we assist in designing and choosing paint colour.

Once the frame arrives it’s an exciting time to build and then fit.


Basso Bikes – Italian Perfectionism, quality and handmade excellence

Since 1977 Cicli Basso has produced incredible performance bikes based around a philosophy of perfect craftsmanship and innovating design. Made in Italy, Basso is extremely proud of its explicit involvement within the history of Bike Design and Performance.

We’ve personally ridden Monte Grappa with members of the Basso Family after touring their Facilities in Bassano. Chainsmith recently met again with Basso in Sydney, touring the Eastern Sydney hills. This personal and familial access to the makers of Basso Bikes is a highlight and sets this Italian Company apart from its larger conglomerate Competitors


Pinarello was founded in 1952 and remains the Elite Italian bicycle company of Treviso

Who needs to say more about Pinarello? This is a truly exciting brand to work with. A ride on a Pinarello is enough to convince any discerning cyclist that Dogma’s are well worth their weight in gold. This Company aims to dominate the Podium with their extreme design perfectionism, and in may cases within the Pro Tours, they do.

While we can provide complete Pinarello’s, our specialty are the customised builds that target your demands with the very best of components. And with all our Italian brands, the rigorous process of customisation will initiate a relationship beyond what any generic bought bike will offer.

ORBEA Committed to Developing Bike Technology and Performance

Orbea began as a rifle producer in 1840, but by 1930 was building frames and has progressed successfully into the competitive Road Bike and MTB scene.

For Italian Specialists choosing bicycles from Basque Country may be thought as strange. However, our relationship with Orbea spans years and we can vouch for both their reliability and their performance. Specifically regarding their road bikes and after testing the Orca, we established this is a frame easily directed and without need of professional bike handling skills. The decision to promote Orbea as a brand for Chainsmith was based on its proven quality. Orbea also provides an entry into road riding with its Avant range thats well worth the look.

Dedacciai Strada Customised Italian Road Bikes made with Italian passion

Dedacciai proudly sits amongst the most progressive of Frame Builders in Italian History. To this day, Dedacciai continue to evolve. Beginning is 1992 the origins of this Company were built by steel tubing. Dedacciai later developed a super light aluminium tubing. Not only was this revolutionary in terms of the tubings weight, Dedacciai proved innovative with the combining of rare element Scandium. The use of Titanium soon followed with Dedacciai Ti frames being built for durability as well as aesthetic perfectionism that would withstand time.

Today Dedacciai produces carbon fibre frames of highest standards. The range of carbon frames are designed for purposes including road, track, time trial, cyclocross and off-road.

You will recognise the Dedacciai markings on many high-end Road bikes. Having ridden Dedacciai Bicycles for over two years, Chainsmith staff can attest to the resulting beauty of the ride.

WILIER TRIESTINA 110 year Anniversary testifies excellence in quality and innovation

It’s with reason this Company prides itself on absolute excellence. That’s actually the terms they use. Wilier repeatedly exemplifies how research into bike performance technology flourishes. Their latest 2017 models include the weight defying Zero6, Aero performance Cento10Air, and Gravel Bike the Jaroon. Each is designed for purpose and individually presents innovation at its finest. At Chainsmith we’ve experienced riding each of these bikes and question how much better can bike design actually get!?

At Chainsmith there’s a reason why our Wilier GTR is the hands down best seller for new road bike owners. The GTR answers those looking for Italian passion, the frames are beautiful to look at and offer stability with a relaxed geometry thats therefore are easy to ride. You will never be stuck as a woman riding a ‘female specific’ bike. We fit an individual to a bike that will suit their needs, their particular measurements, and their goals. The Wilier just happens to frequently hit every base.


Commuters play a vital role being the most efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly and fun way to commute.

Chainsmith is situated on the Bourke St Bike Lane and we would be mad to avoid delivering the very best demands by our commuting customers. While we are always searching for Italian models, we’ve found through years of experience that the alternate European, Canadian and US brands we’ve chosen meet our high standards in quality, reliability and durability.

ORBEA Urban Style with lifetime warranty on frames. Starting at $799 for Carpe Models. We now have Orbea Electric Bikes available

BREEZER Bicycles – Winner for Comfort, smoothness and reliability. Starting at $699

SE BIKES – Californian heart whose style continues to rock its 1970’s roots. This brand is an awesome competitor for any brand with internal hubs. Why? Because SE BIKES are renowned for delivering comfort and great design. SE BIKES are also a champion in the price division, starting at  $675 for the minimally designed 3 speed.

FUJI BIKES is another of the oldest bike Company’s in the World. They are well known for their Road bikes, but Fuji also manufacture a wide range of urban bikes from step thru, single speeds, some with suspension, others for touring. They supply on-road models as well as models for off-road.